Two 40-Plus Year Olds Rupture Their Achilles Tendons

After we cross the age of 40, we must be especially careful when making sudden forceful motions and change of directions in relation to our legs. The 40-50 age group is probably the most susceptible one when it comes to rupturing their achilles tendons during physical activity. At this age, we still think of ourselves as physcially fit and capable, just like we were in our 30s. However, this is not true and our body is no longer as flexible as it used to be, especially our legs. There is a reason that virtually all great athletes and sportspersons retire by the age of 40.

Below are two examples of this situations. First, a 49-year old fan named Jim Kale was in Thailand and widely celebrating the Minnesota Vikings last second 2018 NFL playoffs victory and ruptured his achilles tendon in the process. Interestingly enough, he is using crutches and might not be aware of high quality knee scooters.

In 2016, 41-year old American fitness fanatic Tiffany Van Dyke was exercising intensively and suffered a painful achilles tendon rupture midway into her routine. She was recording the whole thing and you can even hear the loud pop sound of the rupture in the  below video: