Equipment Overview

There are some essential items that you will need after an achilles tendon rupture, irrespective of whether you have surgery or go the non-surgical route.

Achilles Tendon Rupture Equipment Requirements

  1. Crutches (most popular brand on Amazon) — your doctor will probably give you these right away, but if not, buy these.
  2. iWalk Free Hand Free Crutch — a really unique product and invention that is a bestseller.
  3. A knee scooter is absolutely essential in my opinion. For more, see my write-up on the advantages of knee scooters. Also make sure to read my page on knee scooter reviews. Note that your insurance may pay for this. It is cheaper to buy then rent.
  4. Essential Medical Supply Knee Walker Pad Cover — this will keep your knee comfortable when riding the knee scooter.
  5. Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot — there is a lot of debate as to when one comes out of the splint and/or cast and goes into a boot. Some people even go into a boot immediately after rupture nowadays, but I am a bit skeptical about that strategy. In any case, you will need one, and that are numerous achilles tendon rupture boot choices. Note: My insurance initially asked me to pay $250 for mine, and then when I questioned their decision, they said it was a mistake on their part as “braces” are covered. All insurance companies should be paying for any type of orthotic or orthosis device you end up purchasing since this injury requires the purchase of one.
  6. Plastic Cast Protector — to prevent it from getting wet when bathing.
  7. Adjustable Lightweight Shower Bench — to sit on while showering.
  8. Loose comfortable trousers and shorts to pull up with ease over your cast ridden thicker leg. This is especially important if you have a less compact splint prior to getting a cast, like I did.

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