Knee Scooter Reviews and Ratings

If you read my page on knee scooters versus crutches you know that I am heavily in favor of the former. Moreover, I recommend buying a knee scooter over renting one, since it will almost always work out cheaper that way as I learnt from my own mistake. A quality new knee scooter costs less than $200 and I will review the most popular ones below. Note that a knee scooter is also called a knee walker.

As with any such mobility product, one has to be very careful when using it in the rain, on uneven surfaces, on slopes and so on. For people like us who already have a foot injury and are in a cast or boot when riding a knee scooter, this is especially true as the last thing one needs is another fall on the bad leg. When starting out with a knee scooter, it is crucial to learn how many brakes there are and where they are located.

It is also important to find the parking brakes that stabilize the scooter when in rest or when you are sitting on it if the scooter allows for that. In my scooter, I had to press on a lever that totally stabilized my scooter before I could sit on it. Finally, always make sure that any bolts or screws that become even slightly lose are tightened with a wrench. I had to tighten one particularly annoying bolt about once every week and a half.

Knee Scooter Reviews

Drive Medical 796 Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker

A bestseller on Amazon with mostly great reviews. Positives include great steer-ability and portability. Negatives include some complaints about bolts and latches becoming lose. Also see this video overview of the DV8 from the same manufacturer.

Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket

This one looks great in burgundy. Positives include portability and smooth rides over even surfaces. Carrying capacity is a higher than normal 350 lbs. Negatives include issues with sharp turning radiuses and fairly difficult assembly per some reviews. However, one reviewer suggests watching the company’s youtube video and it will just take 15 minutes to assemble the scooter. Also see this instructive video from Roscoe Medical on how to assemble the knee scooter.

KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker

Positives include good price, wide front wheelbase and attached basket. Negatives include some complaints about front steering system and assembly and no parking brakes — although several reviewers suggest that it is possible to lock the brakes via squeezing the handbrake with your right hand and then pushing down on a little silver button on top of the handbrake. The following is a KneeRover video overview of its knee walker.

Elenker Steerable Knee Walker Deluxe Medical Scooter

Positives include good price, easy assembly, both (dual) side brakes and an attached front side basket. Negatives include some complaints about clunkiness and stability, especially when making wide turns.

  • It might be worth buying a Knee Walker Pad Cover to ensure that your knee does not get tired or bruised while riding the scooter frequently.

Knee Scooter CPT Code

It is best to contact your insurance company or Medicare or Medicaid directly to find out if you qualify for knee scooter rental or purchase reimbursement. Some insurance companies might cover the cost if you are able to prove the knee walker to be a necessity. Make sure to find the correct billing and CPT code before filing for reimbursement.