Open Surgery

In the US, by far the most common treatment choice for an achilles tendon rupture is an open surgery. In this type of surgery, one large incision is made at the back of the leg in order to access the tendon . If the gap between ruptured tendon ends is too large, a tendon transfer from the toe or other place is often necessary.

There are many variations in surgical technique, type of stitches used, type of anesthesia, and more. Below, I will post the best links I can find related to open surgery related articles, studies and videos.

The Krackow Suture, by Dr. Kenneth Krackow, 2008

The “Giftbox” Repair of the Achilles Tendon: a Modification of the Krackow Technique, 2009

Comparison of Double Bunnell, Double Kessler and Double Krackow Suture Techniques, 2010

Great article from Slovenia, Achilles Tendon Repair Under Local Anesthesia, 2011

Modified Triple Kessler versus Krackow Suture Technique, 2012

Triple-bundle Technique and Early Rehabilitation, Study Results, 2014

New Potential Improvement to Surgery, Modified Giftbox Technique, March 2015

New achilles tendon surgery that “steals” the blood supply to the flexor hallucis longus, 2017 (the muscle located in the ankle that allows us to move our big toe).

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