Duke Quarterback Thomas Sirk Ruptures his Left Achilles Tendon Three Years After Rupturing his Right One

In April 2013, Duke football quarterback Thomas Sirk ruptured his right achilles tendon at the very young age of 19.  Now comes news that he has ruptured his left achilles tendon at the age of 22.  It is quite unusual for people to rupture their achilles tendons before the age of 30.

In fact most everyday people seem to get the injury after the age of 35.  Professional athletes who suffer from this injury typically do so a bit sooner, usually anywhere from their late 20s to their late 30s.

So the case of Thomas Sirk is very unusual, especially since he got unlucky twice. Similar to the case of Terell Suggs, although at a much earlier age.

In any event, Mr. Sirk’s surgery seem to have gone well per his Tweet from a few days ago: