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Richard Sherman on a Knee Scooter

I have covered and reviewed knee scooters (also called knee walkers) in detail on this website. The contraption helped me tremendously in the past after I ruptured my achilles tendon. And it was much easier to use in comparison to crutches.

A few weeks ago, NFL superstar Richard Sherman ruptured his right achilles tendon. Shortly after having surgery, he was seen on the playing field sidelines roaming around on a knee scooter:

An article from Forbes magazine analyzes Mr. Sherman’s injury, and mentions how many people who rupture their achilles tendons come back a step slower.

Epidemic of NFL Achilles Tendon Injuries Continues

n the past month, NFL players Richard Sherman, Jordan HicksD’Onta Foreman and Alex Okafor all ruptured their achilles tendons!

Mr. Sherman had his achilles tendon surgery performed this past week under the hands of superstar surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson, and posted a recovery video soon thereafter: