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NFL Running Back Arian Foster Ruptures Achilles Tendon at Age 29

It seems like there has been a surge in professional athletes in American sports rupturing their achilles tendon this year.  The latest is NFL team Houston Texans’ 29 year old running back Arian Foster. Mr. Foster ruptured his achilles tendon while making a sharp cut during a football game against the Miami Dolphins.  He has been plagued by numerous injuries throughout his footballing career and it remains to be see if he will return to the NFL next season.

Update: A few days after I wrote this post, Miami Dolphin 34 year old pash rusher Cameron Wake also ruptured his achilles tendon.

Terrell Suggs Ruptures Achilles Tendon Yet Again

Baltimore Ravens football linebacker Terrell Suggs ruptured his right achilles tendon in 2012 while playing basketball.  Miraculously, he came back from injury in just five months and six days after surgery (Mr. Suggs said that his injury was a bit higher up than most achilles tendon injuries, which often mean faster recovery). Besides his fast recovery, Mr. Suggs surprised many with very good 2013 and 2014 seasons.  Terrell Suggs leads the Baltimore Ravens in all-time sacks, and is a 6 time Prop Bowl selection (including in 2013 after coming back from injury).  He was also the NFL defensive player of the year in 2011.

Unfortunately, a few days ago Mr. Suggs ruptured his left achilles tendon. It is rare for me to feel sympathetic towards a multimillionaire athlete, but I am feeling sorry for Mr. Suggs and his second bout with misfortune.  At his current age of almost 33, it is quite likely that his career is over.