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Squash Star Amanda Sobhy and NFL Prospect Sidney Jones Both Rupture Achilles Tendons

Amanda Sobhy Ruptures her Achilles Tendon During a Squash Match

Amanda Sobhy is America’s top female squash player, ranked in the top 10 in the world.  Unfortunately, at the age of just 23 years, this past week she ruptured her left achilles tendon during a squash match. Ms. Sobhy has authored a great article on her achilles tendon rupture experience in Colombia.

Interestingly, when she fell down on the floor, her first thought was that her opponent (who was next to her, as is typical during squash games) had kicked her. I had a similar experience when during my achilles tendon rupture, I thought that my badminton doubles partner had kicked me in the calf region.

Young NFL Prospect Sidney Jones Ruptures his Achilles Tendon

Even more surprising, young 21 year old NFL cornerback prospect Sidney Jones recently ruptured his achilles tendon. Subsequently, he had repair surgery with renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson (who has also performed the same operation on a number of other professional football players over the years). Sidney Jones is confident that he will come back from this setback in 2017, and remain the best NFL cornerback prospect. More here.