Achilles Tendon Rupture Blog

An achilles tendon rupture is a shocking injury because it usually occurs without warning, oftentimes to active young healthy sportsmen and sportswomen. The main problem with this injury is the long immobility period (around 1-2 months depending on protocol followed), irrespective of whether one has surgery or no surgery. Once someone finally gets out the cast and/or boot, every misstep is a cause of fear due to the potential of re-rupture.

As if this were not enough, it can take months to years to rebuild the shrunken calf muscle of the leg that was injured and immobilized, and sometimes this regrowth never happens. For most rupturees, it can also take months before they are able to do things such as perform one-heel raises and play their favorite sport again.

I hope that this website, blog, forum and chat are all useful to those who are unfortunate enough to suffer an achilles tendon rupture.