Protocols for Achilles Tendon Rupture Rehabilitation

There are numerous protocols for post achilles tendon rupture rehabilitation.   The common denominator is that most newer studies are finding that faster early mobilization protocols result in fewer re-ruptures and better healing compared to older more conservative protocols.

The vast majority of online protocols state that they are for post surgery patients, but non-surgical patients can generally follow most of the same guidelines.

Dr. Nicklas Olsson, quality and lengthy report from Sweden, 2013  Has surgical (page 96) and non-surgical (page 99) protocols.

— Devon & Exeter Hospital, 246 Patients 2008-2012 Experience The famous Devon and Exeter Protocol from the UK does not seem to be available online anymore, but the above is their important 2013 study.

Vacoped Company’s Treatment Schedule (post surgery and non-surgery)

Great September 2011 article by Dr. Amol Saxena (post surgery)

Dr. Eric Berkson (post surgery)

Dr. Matthew Crawford (post surgery)

Dr. Adam Farber (post surgery)

— Canada’s Workers’ Compensation Board — 26 week rehab

Dr. Amon Ferry (post surgery)

Dr. Kevin Stone (post surgery)

September 2009 article by Dr. Bob Baravarian (post surgery)

Blogger Cecilia’s research on non-op protocols

Achillesblog page on protocols and rehab

 Summary of Dr. Bruce Twaddle’s Protocol (non-surgery)