Shelby Erdahl Finishes 400M Hurdles Race Despite Rupturing her Left Achilles Tendon

Update, June 7th 2016:  Oh no!!  Shelby Erdahl re-ruptured her achilles tendon and had to have a second surgery, three weeks after the first one. Interestingly, she claims that in two weeks she will get into a walking boot, so clearly she is following a modern day fast protocol treatment.

Last weekend, Idaho State University athlete Shelby Erdahl ruptured her left achilles tendon during a race that was the senior’s final one of her college career.   However, in an unbelievable turn of events, Ms. Erdahl decided to finish the race limping rather than just quit.  I have never seen something this before when it comes to athletes who rupture their achilles tendons. They always stop whatever they are doing and fall to the ground in dismay.

The whole story can be read here.  An interview with Ms. Erdahl is in the below video: